BOOST to the Next Level or Next Leader

Running a business today is more difficult than ever before. Between market forces, technology and human capital challenges business owners and executives are under immense pressure to deliver a healthy bottom line and year-over-year growth. What are your goals? Are you looking to reach a growth milestone? Develop sustainable innovation or enter a new market? Gain traction and achieve critical mass?

This is where the BOOST Program from the LAUNCH Innovation Business Accelerator (IBA) comes in. The BOOST Program is designed to work with businesses of two major types: family owned businesses wanting to sell or transition to the next generation and established companies looking to reach the next level. We bring over 30 years of coaching experience, innovation systems and tools SMB’s, family owned companies and start-ups need to succeed. By engaging with the BOOST Program, your company can overcome inherited constraints and legacy systems that prevent the organization from growing through a structured and proven process that consists of three phases over the course of 12 months:

Phase 1 - Evaluation & Assessment

We go through a time-tested process to actively identify the forces holding your company back and assess your current leadership dynamics. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your current company leadership and structure, the BOOST Program lays a strong foundation for the coaching and development in Phase 3.

Typical Time Frame: Months 1-3

Phase 2 - Marketing Upgrade

One area we often see as a hindrance to growth for family owned and SMB's alike is marketing. It's commonly an aspect of business that has been left unattended or just been getting by. Through the BOOST Program and our alliance partner, Four Columns Marketing, you can change that. From a complete rebrand to a new website or just marketing strategy consulting, we can make sure you're ready to maximize your growth through the marketing of your company. We'll evaluate your specific needs and provide a scope of work for approval.

Typical Time Frame: Months 1-6

months depending on scope of work

Phase 3 - Coaching & Development

Our experienced team coaches executive peer groups to stimulate rapid, profitable growth with Fortune 50-level innovation tools. Through development programs participants energize their firms to become dynamic enterprises with high-value products and services that drive growth, inspire engagement and draw potential buyers.

Typical Time Frame: Months 4-12

Impact: Clarity, Focus, Growth and Excitement

    • Clear path to achieve owner’s exit / generational transition objectives
    • Rapid Return on Investment (less than 6-month payback is typical)
    • Revenue growth
    • Cost Savings
    • Know-how audit trail – captures and transfers owner’s knowledge
    • Implemented growth process, team engagement, business knowledge
    • Seamless integration into day-to-day business (non-disruptive)
    • Proven next generation leadership in execution of mutually designed path

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