Consultant On Demand (COD) Program

This program is designed to provide companies, both inside and outside our community, access to the student resources at Baylor for short term innovation projects. As a client, you will submit a project, including scope, time frame, and deliverables, and our pool of qualified undergraduate and graduate students will “bid” to be a part of the project team. Ideal projects for this program are innovations that a company wants/needs to implement, but is short on time, personnel, and money. The COD Program will provide excellent student consultants with skill sets that match the need to move your project to the next level at an accelerated pace.

The program fee varies depending on the size and scope of the project and includes the cost for the student consultants, based on an hourly rate and hours spent on the project. 

What a Client Gets: 

  • Access to excellent student talent
  • Dedicated team for short term projects
  • Money and time-saving solutions
  • Resource for potential hire