Simplify Global Access

ENTRY programs build bridges from your region to the world’s markets. LAUNCH’s execution coaching platform provides networks and expertise needed to navigate the transition from regional to international player. Through strategic relationships and alliances, LAUNCH is able to help you prepare for the global market and assist you in entering international trade.

As an example, our ability to leverage Baylor’s links to China and Southeast Asia are valuable to firms who want to explore exporting to these markets and need expert advice. Further, as trusted partners to build this economy ENTRY gives you the path to serving a global range of customers.

Accelerated Global Access

The ENTRY program is a 3-Day Workshop plus 9 weeks of Intensive Coaching, followed by a customized “Roadshow” to present opportunities to potential investors/partners.

The Workshop has delivered results to more than 50 companies over the past 7 years in China, ranging from startup to innovation teams within mid to large companies, such as Hewlett Packard.

Ideal participants are companies who:

  • Have identified new product and market ideas
  • Need to determine best path to rapid market entry for innovations
  • Need to understand cultural and partners process unique to western/US markets

Ideal participants are companies who:

  • Develop deep insight into your business growth opportunity
  • Clarify gaps and issues that are keys to your success
  • Begin the process of developing a US market strategy

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