New business aims to help students, parents with career and college choices


Planning for college or a career after high school can be a monumental task.  But a local business, launched just this week in Waco, aims to take the stress off students and parents.

While there are many college and career counseling services to choose from, the Founder and CEO of CollegeCoach.Today, Rick Cochran, says their method is one-of-a-kind.

One client is Jackson Anderson.  He says, “I have a passion for music, specifically guitar.  I’ve been playing for awhile now and I feel like that’s what I want to do when I get older.”

As a soon-to-be sophomore in high school, Anderson may have a career picked and a weekly Friday night gig at the Hippodrome, but there are still a lot of decisions ahead when it comes to college.

His mom Liz says, “The affordability, and the distance of how far he’s going to be, what he’s comfortable with, what we’re comfortable with and what we can afford to bring him back home for the holidays and for us to go visit him… those are big decisions.  It’s huge for us.”

That’s where CollegeCoach.Today comes in.  It was created with the help of Launch at the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative.  The company combines technology, science and face-to-face counseling to help students and parents narrow down career and school choices.  The key is that CollegeCoach.Today’s software is available anywhere, anytime.

Cochran says, “Everybody has busy lives.  You’re able to use this in the morning at 2 o’clock or in the afternoon at 12 o’clock.”

Here in Texas, there are about 470 students for every one high school career counselor.  That’s just one reason Liz Anderson decided to reach out to CollegeCoach.Today.

She says, “Sophomores are not talking to the counselors yet.  We wanted to get a jump start on it.”

Cochran says, “At the end of the day, every student that comes through our process will either be placed in a job or determine their educational track.  Every kid.”

The program costs about $300, but because CollegeCoach.Today is a Waco-based business, the owner want to give back to the Central Texas community.  The first 25 News Channel 25 viewers who contact them will get the service absolutely free.


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