Opportunity Snapshot

A framework for clearly communicating innovation ideas.
  • (Create a NAME that is suggestive of the benefit the innovation idea delivers.)
  • Tell the story of WHY it is VERY IMPORTANT that we focus energy on this opportunity. The Narrative should be so clear that any potential partners, stakeholders, investors, or employees will be motivated to work on this opportunity and will know exactly what the Owner/Founder's strategic and tactical interest is.
  • WHO, specifically benefits from this innovation?
  • WHAT problem does this innovation address?
  • In a sentence - WHAT MAKES YOUR INNOVATION MEANINGFULLY UNIQUE in the eyes of these customers? Why will they be willing to pay you a premium price?
  • Make a specific or numeric promise to solve this problem.
  • HOW is it that you can deliver on this PROMISE? What are you proposing to do differently? Write this in plain English so that anyone could understand, not tech speak.
  • Estimate PRICE by considering how MEANINGFULLY UNIQUE is your product/service and COMPETITORS price for similar products/services
  • Number of reachable customers with "pain" and money to spend/sales potential
  • What are your critical issues? What help do you need right now?
  • Succeeding in this venture matters to me because...
  • Adapted from ©, ® &/or Patentable Technology used under license from Innovation Engineering, LLC.