Design and Drive Commercialization

PROPEL programs deliver real-time value by bringing client business objectives into a live coaching environment. Best practices and thought-leader insights are applied to the client’s projects, producing immediate impact, progress and retained learning.

What would it mean to your business if 75% of your growth ideas were successful and your team’s innovation leadership skills were acquired without taking time from “real work”? 21st Century business demands constant innovation with rapid cycle payback in the face of:

  • Globally competitive landscape
  • Highly uncertain markets
  • Exponentially advancing pace of change


Bringing your business into the PROPEL program with LAUNCH is the right choice if you want to infuse practical, principled substance into your idea or service. Our experienced staff of senior business consultants specialize in helping entrepreneurs and visionaries sharpen their value proposition for today’s economy.

The LAUNCH Accelerated Commercialization Program (ACP) is designed to enable client Acceleration through a hands-on, experiential process that energizes your company’s project and your team through two custom phases of engagement with expert coaches.

Through our 4A process, Align, Articulate, Activate, Adjust™, you will successfully develop a fully validated strategy that will resonate with your customers and other stakeholders and develop an action-ready team that can execute with excellence.

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Aim directly at customer needs with a well-validated plan


Attract needed resources with a well-told story


Assure execution with a well-prepared team


Adapt to changes at market speed

Opportunity Analysis


Pre-work on Opportunity (1 week before workshop)

  • Customer Analysis
  • 30 Second Story Pitch
  • Competency Assessment of Team

Workshop (2.5 days)

  • Aligning to the Market
  • Define what Winning Looks Like
  • Define when Winning Will Happen
  • Cost and Rewards for Winning
  • Issues to Manage


  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Project Plan Based on Key Gaps and Issues
  • Leader Learning Goals via 1:1 Executive Coaching Session

Cost: $2500/person

Optional Execution Coaching

Typical Actions:

Coaching on Progress-Triggered Project Gaps including:

  • Customer Intimacy
  • Speed to Market
  • Patents and IP
  • Value Proposition
  • Resources
  • Capabilities

Coaching in Design and Delivery of Audience Specific Pitch/Presentation

  • Includes Review by Expert Panel

Development of On-going Refresh/Adjust Strategy

Cost: $250/hour


Comprehensive Toolkit Including:

  • 5-Slide Opportunity/Strategy Core Compentency Map
  • Customer Segment–4 Pane Window™
  • Assert/Defend Methodology
  • Product Technology Roadmap Template
  • IP Protection Strategy
  • Financial Statements That Talk Your Story
  • Storyboard Template
  • Presentation Design System
  • Free Access to Make Innovation Happen™ Video Course

Intern Support for Coaching Engagement

Network of Venture Funding Partners